Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the "Pink" today!!!

After my garden walk this morning I came in and closed all the windows and began dyeing ribbons. It is going to hit 90 degrees today. It feels like it already has. Whew! What better way to spend the day indoors than dyeing ribbons? These are drying on the kitchen counter waiting for the next step....ironing....Oh my!!!!!
I am dyeing pink and green today. Perhaps I will dye the green this evening. I got carried away with the muted pink colors so I ended up with several yards but all slightly different shades. You can never have too many ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning I took a walk on the beach with mom. There were many sand castles, and me without my camera.
Taking advantage of the cool sunny day we worked in the yard until noon,then we took a motorcycle ride to St. Joseph Michigan.
The weather was cooler as we rode and warm when we stopped, just perfect. We rode down to the beach in St. Joe and watched the beach volleyball players for a while. Then we drove past the cottages along the shore. The flower gardens were breathtakingly beautiful. After stopping for a quick bite we came home and finished working on the yard. Actually, John was finished mowing but I had a pile of ivy from the front walkway to put into the compost.

It is always fun to see other homes to make you realize how special yours is. I love pulling into the driveway and knowing I can enjoy my garden anytime I wish. This includes the weeding,planting,and clean up. After all, you can't have the "gravy" all the time.

Just wanted to share my weekend and morning with you. I hope you all are having a great day and enjoying what you are doing. Back to the dye pot!


  1. Pat, such lovely colors! (And a wonderful ride it sounded like, too.)
    I forget which kind of dye you use...is is Procion in the microwave?
    I am going to have to start dyeing myself, and I love how rich the color of your ribbon is...
    Thanks... ;-)

  2. Both your days sound lovely, and what a nice pile of pink! I used some of one of your greens today on my best friend's block. It was just the perfect dark lime color, with darker green overtones.


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