Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to be creative "my 10 ways"

Sharon is asking Bloggers to post 10 ways on how to be creative...your own thoughts. Well, I can handle this. My ten ways to be creative is:
1. Just do it!
2. Use books to inspire, but your heart to create. DO not copy exact replica style. Make it yours!
3. Have a few special places in and around your home to create with passion.Favorite music is nice too.
4. Keep organized and creativity will always be easy to achieve.
5. Share as much as you can and as often as you are able.
6. Take photos of your process. You can compare your progress or use to inspire other's.
7. Always treat yourself to a few fun stash items when possible.
8. Create what you love, not what is the "Flavor of the month".
9. Listen to other's, then do your own thing. Everyone creates in their own way. No set rules.
10. Use your favorite colors and don't let anyone dictate otherwise. Challenge yourself if it makes you happy.

So, what 10 ways makes you creative?

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  1. Pat, I love your list and was inspired to create my own. Enjoy!


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