Friday, May 04, 2007

How crazy is a crazy quilter

So, how "crazy" is a crazy quilter???? Well, I just cut up a $500.00 bead and sequin evening jacket. I cut it so I had every color of sequin in each piece, I stuffed them into bags, and I will be giving them to my class to see that this is the life and mind of a crazy quilter. There are tons of gold beads and beautiful matte sequins on this size small (too small) evening jacket. It was beautiful in person, but I can starve myself till doomsday and not wear a small. My shoulder's just won't allow it. So......please share a story about how "crazy" you have been.

I am off to finish my "tatbit" project so I can relax. I am so behind!!!


  1. tatbit? hey, that's me!

    I've been known to purchase vintage flapper purses and cannibalize them for their beads. I purchase the ones that, for most part, are beyond repair. I also have bought "ugly" beaded bags that just won't see the light of day or night for that matter.

    I also think it is a good idea to use what you have. You were very kind to that jacket as I would have just taken the beads and sequins. Snip, snip!

  2. Much the same as the above comment by teri, spliced open bags, shawls, and all sorts for their gorgeous beads and sequins - I still have a few that I cannot bear to 'chop' into ..... but after seeing your splurge .. may just have the courage to do so as I'm always oogling the gorgeous beads, sequins, etc.

  3. How can I get into your class, really, really fast??????

  4. What a lovely gesture to share the jacket with your class. The sequined fabric is fantastic and I hope sometime you can blog some of the results from the class girls.


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