Monday, May 21, 2007

Enjoying the good from the bad..storms

If any of you watch the weather you would know here in the Midwest, especially Indiana, we had horrible winds last week,and a storm last night. Unfortunately we actually lost a Porter county citizen from a tree falling on his truck. This is something I always think about happening when I am driving in a storm. I rarely do that, but with our weather you can be enjoying a beautiful sunny day splashing about in the pool and all at once lightening and sprinkles take over without warning. Anyway,during the strong winds we lost the top of a huge old tree by the garden shed. It fell into the garden entrance and onto my huge old Forsythia bush, the first thing I planted when we moved here in hopes to find a sunny yellow welcome each Spring as I entered my future garden. I trimmed it back which it really needed anyway. It will survive. Each year as I worked in the garden I had occasionally looked up and wished that tree were gone so I had more sun for Perennials , well, be careful what you wish for is all I can say about that. Yikes! A few other plants were broken, but they will return next year.

That is the "bad", now for the "good". Along with the strong winds and rain, the lake gets a little wild and waves here get pretty high,which wash way beyond the shoreline exposing more "mermaid's tears". We had a small storm last night so I went by and "grabbed" mom this morning and off we went. It was a beautiful morning and I couldn't pass up this chance for a beach trip. The air had just the right coolness, not crisp, not warm, just right. The waves were gently washing on shore and there were no insects yet. We usually get a biting fly and boy do they hurt. They will be arriving any day now. We strolled along the waters edge and exchanged the happenings over the weekend, then we wandered our separate ways. Mom likes to look for smooth rocks and I stay along the shore,meeting up when we find something special to share.

I started finding large pieces of glass because of the strong waves last night . One after another, I could hardly take a step without bending over....yes, this is also good exercise for the waist. I continued down the shore looking back once in a while to make sure mom was still looking for rocks and glass. I came to a smooth shoreline which didn't seem to end for a half mile so I turned around. Smooth shore means no glass usually. The sun was getting hotter and it was time to start back anyway. When I caught up with mom, we exchanged our treasures we had found for each other. She finds pearl shell pieces for me and I find china pieces for her. So, from our bad weather, nature turned up some good beach treasures. The photo is what I found this morning after the storm.I rinsed them and you can see the colors better. Especially the 7-up bottle green!! No blue or purple, but again, a completely blissful morning with mom.

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  1. What wonderful treasures you've found! I'm so sorry to hear about the damage from the storms and so agree about being careful what you wish for. I love the virtual beach-combing experiences that you share; makes me wish I was closer to the lake and the sand dunes!

    Also, I've "Tagged" you to show us your workspace. I was tagged by a wonderful internet friend to share mine and since I love to see where others create, I "tagged" some new online friends. Since I've previously posted my, I simply provided links to my archives, so feel free to do that as well. And don't forget to "Tag" a few friends...


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