Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Creativity...where does it come from?

Leslie of pinyoncreek described where her creativity came from and wondered where other's get theirs. Since I find myself creative at times,and can't pick up a needle other times, I sat down to ponder her question.

I have always been creative but thinking back, my creativity was put in high gear when I lost my father the Summer of 2001. I had to keep busy and creating was my outlet for pain.

However,I think for the most part I have to say "Stash" has a lot to do with creativity. If I love my stash, I will create. I have collected since childhood although I am not really a "hoarder". I would give it up in a heartbeat if someone needed it. I draw my creative juices from gathering supplies in my studio which is exciting. Yes, I said exciting! Especially when I come across that special lace I have saved forever and know it is finally getting a home, or those vintage buttons or beads finding a spot in my work. It is a thrill to use beautiful things. A favorite color thread or silk ribbon brings excitement too. Fancy fabrics make me want to create also. My favorite part of a project has to be the gathering of supplies. I love to match my supplies pretty much and find special items I have never used before. Gathering a good stash, not quantity,quality, things you find beautiful and fun inspires creativity.

As far as creativity in general, I am inspired by nature. Insects,flowers,water,gardens,all make me want to create. The need to keep my hands busy is another factor for my creativity. I am not one to sit and watch TV. If I am sitting, I need to be stitching. I love color but tend to gravitate toward my favorites. Most of all, I like to think my creativeness comes from doing my own thing. I don't want to follow a pattern or listen to rules someone else made up. That may be good for some, but why not color the sky purple and the dog green? Creativity is as individual as your fingerprint, so I treat it as such. I create when the urge strikes ,and only then.If I have to step away, I know it will still be there when I return. Usually with tons more ideas!

Where does your creativity originate from?

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  1. If I have any, it just hits me with a smack on the side of the head. Waves in the ether? I don't know. Ideas are just in there full-blown . . . or no ideas come at all.

    Interesting about your response to your dad's death - creating away the pain.


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