Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Can the day get any better?

Lin you are a sneaky girl! What a delightful surprise I had when I gathered my strength to walk to the mail box in this humid and so very hot weather. Not complaining, just drained. Heat zaps my strength, like Kryptonite and Superman.
I was certainly revived when I opened a package from Lin Moon. Thank you Lin, but you shouldn't have parted with these gorgeous items. The buttons are amazing and the most beautiful I have ever seen. The Vintage laces and cameo are so delicate. These will go on my family CQ. I loved the card too, and what you wrote. I feel honored you feel that way.
My family CQ will certainly extend itself to my online CQ friends/family because of all the beautiful treasures you've shared with me. This will be one special quilt.
Now to go back to staring at the buttons~~~~~~~~
Thanks Lin.........:-)


  1. Oh, what lovely goodies from Lin Moon!

    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog regarding stash. I too love to see what goodies other stitchers have!

    I was wondering if you might share a more detailed description of how you did the background for your Sea Whispers purse?

    My sister asked me to make an art purse for her. Not a CQ, but an art purse and I thought a background like that would work nicely for a peacock.

    Thanks Pat!

  2. I, too would like to hear about how you did the background on your bag. I was wondering - with all this ribbon dying - what kind of dye do you use?


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