Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This morning was so beautiful I decided to take the day off for "ME". I brushed my teeth, read some email,tossed on a tee shirt and sweats (didn't match) ,grabbed a quilt,Belle Armoire jewelry magazine,camera,and Angell and headed to the hammock. I have been lounging there all morning only to be disturbed by a man's voice asking if anyone was home. My first instinct was to hide, my appearance was not very presentable,even to a stranger, then I realized I was busted when Angell started barking. She is my security and doorbell in one. No way could I hide now. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I managed to roll out of the hammock with Angell under one leg and my magazine stuck in my side. My hair was twigged up and not a drop of makeup which meant I had huge eyes!!!!
How embarrassing. I never used to care what I looked like until lately. Perhaps I see myself aging and realize I had been lucky the past years not worrying about appearances too much. Now I feel I am plain lazy when I wash my face and go. I am not vain, just know I feel better with a light dose of mascara and lip gloss.

Anyway.....I made it through the garden yelling,"I'm out here". It was an insurance man. Apparently my husband wanted to try another company and failed to tell me they were coming. Today of all days, MY day!!!!! I was angry as I put Angell, who was still barking, into the house and closed the door. My feet were bare,I looked like a clown, and here this guy is asking me electrical questions. Argh!!!!! I told him when John would be home, and that was that. I couldn't answer any question he asked. I never thought I was so clueless about my home before.

Oh well, here I sit inside typing on this beautiful day. I shared the pictures and now I am heading back out with a cup of iced tea...alone, to enjoy the few hours I have left of dreaming under the fern until I have to start cooking..................Argh!!!!!!! I deserve this day..right Allie? :-)


  1. Everyone needs a little time to themselves. Sorry about the interruption...hope you had a great day anyway. :-)

  2. Of COURSE you deserve it!

    The hammock looks lovely with that quilt on it...

  3. Murphy's law - want peace, you never get it. I sure hope the rest of your day was 'visitor' free - the photographs are gorgeous. Been a long time since I seen a garden so green, I am so envious!


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