Friday, April 20, 2007

Thinking Blogger award

I have been tagged by Lin Moon and Sara for the "Thinking Blogger award". I am supposed to tag five other people (twice) that make me think and who inspire me.

So many people inspire me so this won't be easy.

Ok, for the first five I tag........................

1)Teri "Tatbit" because I admire her tatting skills and she gets so much done that it makes me think that I need to try tatting again some day. Her humor always gives me a chuckle and we all need to smile daily.Seeing her new creations of beaded tatting is like a huge dose of caffeine. Gets me going!

2)Terri from her blog,"Lavender between the cracks", which the name alone starts me dreaming of my garden and all the fun hours of planting ahead. Her gentle way that shines through every letter she writes makes me think of Victorian days. I love to see how daily life is for others. Her renovation project is fun to watch too.

3.) Sandi's Blog takes me to her Aussie world of nature which is the closest I will come to see such things. Her beautiful work is an inspiration and it has a Victorian note to it. I hope this will encourage her to post more treats for us to see and read about.

4.)Pam from" Kittyandme" has been an inspiration for years before I "knew" her. She gets me thinking when I view her blog because she is so darn prolific!!!

5.)Jo's blog is a treat as well. She is currently working on "Spirit Dolls" which are so sweet and pretty. They are sure to make your spirits lift. Her crazy quilting is so feminine and her style is like a breath of fresh air.

There are my first five people who make me think. Since I was chosen twice, the following five are...........
1.)Allie's blog is incredible. The woman never sleeps. Her crazy quilt won a spot in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge magazine for June 2007...keep an eye out for eye candy galore! Allie..I saw you were chosen before so I wasn't going to make you pick again, but since I was hit twice...???Forgive me???? You have inspired me and made me think during the landscape you encouraged me to try. How can I pass up choosing you?

2.)Ollie's blog has to be the most recent and unique person who has me thinking. Ollie is 107 years old and lives in AU. You have to check out her stories she is sharing. It reminds me of things my father had shared with me years ago. A great blog to read with a cp of tea. You go Ollie!

3.)Beverly Ann's blog is a danger to my laptop screen. As I view her many hearts she has created with such care, I tend to want to lift them out of the computer for closer inspection. One is as delectable as the next. Makes me think I should be doing more hearts!!!

4.)Ati's blog is sure to inspire. She has been creating encrusted blocks which will make your toes curl. Ati took my challenge to create silk ribbon embroidered Campanula's and used them in one of her gorgeous Garden lady blocks. Her delicate work is light and graceful.

5.)Karen's blog shares gardening and stitching which both interest me. She always has beautiful stitch projects in the works. I love her fabric packs she offers and she is such a sweet friend.

Well, there are other's I could choose, but I think 10 is plenty. I hope you enjoy their blogs,read about their projects and enjoy the eye candy.