Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sea glass and ramblings

As promised, I wanted to share my beach finds with you. I didn't expect to find much and would have been happy with one piece so you can imagine my thrill in finding all of these. The green colored piece in the lower right corner is so smooth and a beautiful gray/green. Mom found just as much so it was a fruitful journey.

It is amazing how calm I feel after even a short stroll along the water's edge. I would recommend it to anyone feeling stressed.

Well, MIL is settled in and doing well. I am about to remove stitches from the gingham quilt to return to my friend and hope guilt doesn't overcome me as I walk away. I have a purse I have to finish ,a few small projects for Etsy,and my Birdsong quilt I am anxiously awaiting to return to.
I also want to catch up on blogs I enjoy reading. It is like taking a mini vacation when I have the time to slowly browse your blogs. I know once Spring really kicks in I won't be able to spend the time doing so. I can't wait to take my quilt into the garden to stitch. The Forsythia bushes are gorgeous and full this year. It is like nature is waking us up with such vivid yellow clusters to start off the blooming season. You can't look at a Forsythia bush without feeling a jolt of some kind. The lilac buds are purple and growing. I expect them to be full in a week if we continue with our sunny days. Weeping cherry trees are blooming all around town. The Spirea is ready to burst with the white wonderfully sweet fragrant mass of blooms I anticipate each Spring. People have stopped to ask what the scent was it is so strong, but pleasant. I lucked out planting it next to my front porch where I inhale it's scent while swinging. Heavenly!

I noticed while driving near wooded areas, the small purple woodland flowers are in full bloom carpeting as far as the eye can see. I must get to mom's for a walk in the woods this weekend.
As a child, those flowers were my sign that Spring was here and beach days were about to start and school was about to end!!! I haven't seen any violets popping through yet. I like to get them as soon as they appear so I know animals haven't been walking on them. I always wash them before preserving them in sugar, but I feel better using them if they are untouched by animals if you know what I mean.:-)

It looks like a rainy gray day, perfect for sewing projects! IS anyone attending the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont,Illinois Friday the 13th?


  1. Your sea finds are so pretty - I'm thinking of planning a trip to the coast one of these coming weekends. Your spring blooms sound fresh and exciting -- wonderful spring!

  2. The glass is gorgeous. Can you use those newer, sharper edged pieces?

    The description of spring blooms is cheering. Winter doesn't last forever!


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