Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Play date with Ellen Eddy

I gathered my non dye able laces and headed off to Ellen's yesterday. We spent a few blissful hours in her dye studio playing with color and making a delightful mess. Ooops! I now have one blue and purple tennis shoe!!! You should have seen the lace wall we created.I wish I had taken my camera. It would have made a wonderful screen saver.
There was no doubt which laces Ellen dyed from mine. She is an intrepid dyer that's for sure. No limits!! I had to laugh because mine kept coming out dusty with purple tones and hers were so vivid and multi colored. I would have never tried this process on my own for whatever reason, but now I have these beautiful laces which probably would have ended up in the Goodwill shop. Thanks for the invite Ellen! I love my new stash!


  1. Mmm, these came out so nice! It puts nylon lace in a whole new light for me!

  2. Yummy! I love the color of your laces. Sounds like a very successful day of dyeing.


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