Friday, April 27, 2007

Olive received her pendant!!!!

I am excited this morning.While ready Sharon's blog a few weeks ago I saw the link to a "blob" dictated by a 107 year old woman who lives in AU. She has a dear friend ,Mike who does the typing for her as she tells stories and answers questions Mike has for her.Mike also accompanies Olive to many fun outings.

Her blob caught my interest at first because I was surprised Olive would even be interested in the internet. Secondly because she shares many photos of her ventures and of herself which she truly does not look even close to 90. I would love to know her secret. I enjoy reading her stories and have many to get to, it is like an ongoing book which you check in for the latest chapter when you can. I just find it fascinating. I love to hear personal stories, and she has a clever way of telling them. Anyway, I wanted to send Olive something so I asked Mike if it would be alright to do so. He said sure, but Olive does not really want gifts. Well, that has never stopped me in the past so I mailed her a mini crazy quilt glass slide pendant.
Mike just informed me that she received it and on her "blob" is a picture of her wearing it. I am so happy it made it in one piece for one, and to see it around her neck is very touching.
Olive, thanks for sharing a photograph of you wearing it.

Olive does not want gifts, and I can understand that. Her place would be filled to the brim I'm sure. But I just had to slip in a little hand made item to honor Olive in my own way. To let her know this country gal from Indiana admires,respects, and enjoys all about Olive. And a huge thanks to Mike for bringing Olive's world to us. It is a gift in many ways.


  1. A great gesture of friendship and respect, Pat!!!

  2. How precious! What great satisfaction for you! I, too, have been reading Olive's blog and am enjoying all of the neat stories!

  3. I read quite a bit of Olive's blog recently. She is an amazing lady, too right. What a great picture. I'm not surprised she would make an exception for a piece of your art. =) I love that she calls it a blob. LOL! So often, it is!

  4. Oh what a sweet thing to do and what a sweet lady! How very special she is still so much alive and interested!


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