Sunday, April 22, 2007

New blooms in the garden!

This morning was a perfect Spring morning.The sun was shining bright with no clouds in the sky,the air was already warmed and gently blowing. My husband was already up,fed and watching the tube so I got dressed in an old pink oxford shirt and favorite jeans and sandals, pulled my hair into a pony tail and headed off to pick mom up for a beach walk.

There was a lady walking her dog along the shore. I had expected more people on such a beautiful morning. We took off toward the shore just West of Beverly Shores. We haven't been down that area since last year. There wasn't a lot of glass, but we didn't care. The soft warm breeze and gentle waves coming to shore were hypnotizing. After our walk we sat on the dune near the weathered wooden steps to reflect on the day before heading home. We saw several snake and deer tracks around us. The homes being renovated by the National Lakeshore are slowly taking shape.
As we sat there we pretended that we owned the large pink one that I call "The Pink Lady". It has been my favorite since childhood. Perhaps because it was pink,or perhaps because it was huge with round windows facing the Lake. Whatever the reason, I still love it. We imagined we were sitting on one of the decks having breakfast. We planted imaginary gardens and added a gazebo off one of the decks so it "floated" in the air. It is nice to dream isn't it? It is also nice to be happy where you are planted, which I am. When I returned home I walked through my garden and found the forget-me-nots starting to bloom their little clusters, and the Quince has a few blooms that weren't frozen by the last frost,and the wild violet clusters around the trees. My favorite in this bunch is the forget-me-nots before they open because they are purple which are so pretty next to the blue.
It was a little breezy to stitch outside and I didn't want to be inside on this perfect day, so I wandered around the yard,grilled lunch outside,and am about to go for a motorcycle ride. My husband bought his Valkyrie he has been wanting and I love it. It rides so much smoother than the Gold Wing and I have speakers in the back!!!! Off we go!


  1. Thankyou Pat for your kind words. I never thought of myself as having a 'style', Hmmm...wonder what that is?

  2. The floral pics are beautiful, as is the description of your day with your mom. I love your motorcycle. We used to do a lot of that when we were young and totally heedless, but haven't in the last few years.

  3. NICE bike! My husband has a 1972 Harley Electraglide (spelling?)~ all original!!!!


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