Sunday, April 15, 2007

International Quilt Festival,IL report

I won't even begin to talk about the drive through Chicago with every exit under construction, talk about a migraine!!!! I know we all like stash and learning about new products, so I will go share what I found. I only found a few new products that I haven't seen before but think they are worth sharing.
Kreinik has a "thread pen" which uses their metallic threads to "draw" onto that red sticky tape to make images which can be filled with those tiny no hole beads. When the man gave me a demonstration, a project immediately popped into my head. I hope to work it up soon and share.

The next item I was curious about was sheets of Angelina. This is what Angelina fibers look like before shredding into the wonderful fluff we love to use for sparkle. I will incorporate some of this into the project with the thread pen...that is a hint!

The third picture is of my favorite tiny #15 beads which are nothing new, I just love to see them. I have never seen so many in one place before. I wanted them all, but had to buy some other beads and stash, so I was behaving myself. I'll be using some of these in my slide pendant kits because they are the perfect size for tiny cq.

I did find a booth with neat trims at a great bargain, but was disappointed in the booth I always bought from. They quadrupled their prices, and I am not that desperate or stupid! I was almost embarrassed for them. It was always a packed booth, but no more. Maybe next year they will return to earth. I met the nicest woman named "Gail Christianer" whose shop is named,"The Quilted Gypsy". The trims were unique and very reasonable. She was well stocked and very pleasant. She will have a booth in Houston later this year, so keep an eye open if you want beautiful trims at a reasonable price with pleasant service. She is working on a website and promised to add the trim pictures for you to order. I'm sure I will be browsing around!

Apparently the $100,000 Quilting challenge winning quilt was there, but I couldn't find it. That was another disappointment, to not get to see all of our quilts their. The coordinator said the timing was bad. You would think a year would be enough time to arrange a display????? Oh well, such is life.

Sandy Jenkins was there with her new beautiful pastel crazy quilt. Her work is just gorgeous. She is offering kits for you to make that quilt. Each center is embroidered with a flower. All handwork, NO machine embroidery. Her kits include fabrics,beads,laces, and many vintage pieces.

I was to meet up with a new internet friend but I left her number at home when I changed purses at the last minute. Argh! So sorry Judy, forgive me???? I decided to take a neck purse instead, and the tote bag Allie made for me. By the way Allie, you got tons of compliments on it!!! I told them to check out your site and to look for your breathtaking CQ in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge magazine. :-)

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  1. Aside from the driving, it sounds like you had fun at the show. Can't wait to see your new project with all the new sparkly materials.
    Were there any CQs at all among the quilts in the show?
    Thanks for the compliment on my totebag, you nice person, you..;-)

    Also...I just love those size 15s too!


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