Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In need of relaxation

There has been health issues in our family and I have been assisting where needed. Yesterday was so busy, copy shop,post office,bank,optometrist,health supply shop,hospital,groceries,and then a much needed beach trip with mom.
I am not complaining and am willing to help all I can, but I think today it has caught up with me. I returned a little bit ago from the hospital and am waiting for a phone call. I sat down and now I am so sleepy. It is pretty mild out but rainy which makes for a sleepy attitude. I would love to curl up in my chair with a cup of tea and snooze. I know as son as I do the phone will ring.

It seems like I haven't picked up a needle in ages. I tried to fix my friend's patchwork quilt, but there just isn't fabric to do it. I am removing the stitches I added and returning it to her. It needs a total overhaul I' afraid. I tried, and I wish I could do more but at this time, I have to honestly say I would have to replace fabric and it would be easier to make it from scratch.

Well, there is the phone, gotta go. Hope to stitch soon! I'll have to share pics of my sea glass find next time...............

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  1. Pat, you are such a kind soul:) Please take care of you too.
    HUGZ:) and prayers,


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