Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy May Day!

Happy May day tomorrow everyone! Tomorrow morning early I will gather bouquets from my garden and yard, whatever is blooming, and hang them on my neighbors door nob. I started doing this shortly after I created my garden about 16 years ago. We don't dance around a May pole, but the flowers on the door nob is a tradition.

I am trying out bifocal contacts today so I won't be online much.I'm not used to them yet. I didn't know they made them and jokingly said I wish they made them. So, my problems are over. When I walked through the garden a bit ago, it was amazing what I have been missing. I wear prescription sunglasses,but not reg glasses. All glasses bother my nose and ears. I just can't tolerate them for long. So, wih me luck in wearing these, so far,so good.


  1. Happy May Day to you, Pat. What a lovely gesture of the placing of flowers on your neighbors door knob.

  2. Happy May Day! The bifocal contacts are nice. I quit wearing contacts because most of the time, now that I don't have to go to school, and drive every day, I don't wear glasses or anything else. I'm almost where I can watch TV without them!

    I like the soft focus. =)


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