Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beautiful beach day.

Today was a perfect day to stroll the beach. Sunny,slight warm breeze,and we were all alone.
I didn't expect to find anything because we haven't had rain or a storm since we last went which usually reveals the glass beneath the sand. However, I think we got a pretty good load. I even found a pocket watch beside an unopened pack of cigarettes which I threw away...yuck!

Mom found a lot of glass too, and crockery. I love finding the olive green glass that you see near the mid bottom right near the amber one.

Someone asked what I do with the sharp pieces of glass. I toss them back if they are not sharp enough to cut. If they are recently broken, I throw them in the trash. Many people toss them back but I am afraid of children and animals cutting their feet.

As we were leaving a lady came by with her 4 month old Yorkie. It's name was "Atilla" and she was adorable and so friendly. She didn't weigh an ounce, light as a feather. Now I want another Yorkie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Oh Pat, you know what these pictures do to me!!!
    What a soft and lovely day...no waves...sigh....

  2. I simply love when you share the beach glass. I can hardly wait to get to the coast to see if there is any on the sand there. I don't recall ever seeing it in the past, but yours has inspired me to look more carefully!! The jars you have sitting on the window ledge, I believe you call Mermaid Tears??


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