Thursday, April 05, 2007


I know my blog is terribly "busy" right now, but I am searching for the right pansy or hydrangea image to use. Charlene has walked me through this process and I owe her big time. I did notice how sensitive HTML is. Geez! Thanks Charlene!!!


  1. I love the background Pat,very you, I think that it is the text boxes that need a change...but I do not know how.... if you on beta it 'might' be easy, if not it is back to editing in the template again.

  2. Christine(CQI)7:24 AM CDT

    I like the background with all the images-focuses the eye on the blog-the green is restful and the the pictures kinda leap to attention. And the script is easier to read on this green than I think it would be on lavender. And I love the slide shows. Just a note-I am originally from Northern Indiana, now living in southeast TX. I love reading about your beach walks.


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