Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wine Country and Lemon Creek venture

Needing company this morning ,I took mom to check out the beach. It was a sunny day but the wind off the lake was very cold. We continued driving toward Michigan, one of our favorite drives. Our destination was Lemon Creek Fabrics. It is in a tiny town and you would miss this place if you blinked. Once inside, your eyes glance all around the laces and trims, so many to choose from. Then you pass the counter and you are bombarded with hundreds of fabric rolls of every type,texture and color. This place is overflowing with history and if you ask, you will be allowed upstairs to dig through drawers and drawers of Swarovski vintage crystals,baubles and beads. It is a small place but packed to the rim with treasures. The vintage laces and buttons are enough to keep you busy for an hour easy. The owners are the only employees and it keeps it a quaint little place to frequent. As you can see in the photo, the owner is very friendly. His wife sews samples, and if I were a size 4 I would have bought a gorgeous velvet jacket with ruffled cuffs.

As you know, Michigan is wine country, so I slowed down on the road and shot this photo from the car window. I thought it was neat. Every field has rows upon rows of grapevines. It is a fun day in the fall to drive through Michigan and stopping at each winery for a taste test. Especially with a group of girlfriends. Just don't forget to eat lunch!!! I lucked out having my camera with me. I never have it when I want it, but I had to take some pics of mom's cats for her.


  1. What a marvelous outing with your mom! I want to go to that store. How far is it from Chicago? =)

    I actually didn't know that Michigan was famous for wines! I don't know much about wine - don't drink at all, and just know what I see advertised. =)

  2. Oh MY!!!! The perfect way to spend the first spring day!Combined with wine would be too much fun for word's!

  3. Pat, that shop looks like heaven to me! Sure wish I could spend a day shopping with you. We would have way more fun than we should!

  4. Hi! I live in Adealide, Australia,sounds like a great little shop. I am only new to the internet and I love seeing sites like yours and learning about other parts of the world.


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