Saturday, March 24, 2007

Time alone/chick flicks and Chinese carry out

My husband is on his way to Colorado. The house is very quiet. After he left this morning I tore into my sewing room tossing and organizing. I think I have all the cottons in groups and hopefully ready to get rid of. When I look at some of the fabrics, I am reminded of the quilt show I bought them from or the person I was with at the time and my big plans for them. I had good intentions, just not enough time or discipline. I think that is one reason I enjoy crazy quilting so much. No fabric is wasted or bought with one project in mind.

After I spent much of the day in my room I decided to run to town for a DVD. I selected,"The Devil wears Prada", and "The Holiday", both nice chick flicks to watch alone. I stopped by and ordered Chinese for dinner, Cashew Shrimp and fried rice. I just watched "The Devil wears Prada" and really enjoyed it. I'm saving the other for tomorrow. It is hard for me to watch that much TV at once. Besides, as the day wore on, I have developed quite a stiff neck and can hardly turn it to the left. I slept on my arm, not a pillow. Ouch!

I am about to run a bubble bath and pour a small chilled glass of wine, then put on my grungiest pj's and dive into my sewing room again to organize threads. It looks so much better than this morning, and now all my charms,beads,sequins, and buttons are in one area. After that, I will continue on my CQ until I begin to yawn. I hope Hubby phones me tonight. I already miss him. It was a beautiful sunny day and I am trying to be cheerful and think of flowers,buds, and birds singing tomorrow morning. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a sunny tomorrow.


  1. Your day sounds delightful to me. Especially the bubble bath. I rarely get those with a small tub and a 10 gal. hot water tank. Sometimes when I'm on a trip, at a hotel, I will take one - with shampoo bubbles! =)

    Are you selling your fabric on Etsy? Donating it to a church? Something else?

  2. Pat you do what I do when Jerry is away (he also flew out this morning and will be away for a week)
    I miss him but love the time to indulge -

  3. Pat, my heart goes out to you both at the loss of your dear brother-in-law...and you are right to stay busy and positive...

    That was such a lovely picture you used to illustrate this post, too. It so captures the feeling of your day...


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