Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday it was a "No coat" day. The sun was hot and the air was still. My husband brought out the deck furniture including the swing. Spring is in the air!!! I know we could still get bad weather, but you can feel,smell,and hear it nearing each day. The birds are singing every morning now, snow is almost melted from my garden. Tiny buds are forming on the pussy willow outside my studio window. That is my first telltale sign that Spring is near. The tulip,daffodil,hyacinth,and other Spring flowers are making their way up to burst through the earth for another show of beauty this year. We set our time forward this morning so I have already wasted an hour . I must get dressed to venture into the garden and inspect for signs of life.With the brightness of the sun this morning, it promises to be another beautiful warm day. I hope everyone makes it a great day!


  1. Happy Days, to you, dear Pat!
    I am feeling joy all around the blogs this week-end...we are all so glad Spring is coming....

  2. Happy spring! It's here, too, and that means summer in another month. It will actually be close to 90 tomorrow, but going back down afterward. I'm not quite ready for that yet. Another week. =)


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