Thursday, March 29, 2007

quilt to repair pics


  1. Since the fabric has frayed I'd be afraid that the zig zag stitch wouldn't hold it together. How about putting ribbon (or rick rack) over the seam and then zig zag over that?

  2. This might not at all do....but a fine layer of tulle over the whole thing and then machine quilting it would stabilize everything...
    From the picture it looks like that checked fabric isn't cotton anyways....?
    You could break out your new HandiQuilter!!!

  3. I think the zig zag ribbon is a great idea with some yo yo's in area's that are ripped badly. This used to happen to me when I first started making quilts. The seams are probaly a bit too small.

  4. You know Pat ~ I was thinking ~ this fabric is still around in quilt shop's ~ i THINK I even saw it at Walmart. You could go over the damaged pieces with a wider piece of the same fabric.The seams won't match but you could fool the eye a little by adding yo yo's and cute buttons.

  5. Pat,
    I just saw these cotton ginghams in a nearby WalMart. Let me if you need any certain colors and how much of it and I'd be more than happy to pick you some up. Maybe we could do an exchange... bliss kits or silk ribbons since I'm just beginning to accumulate some supplies for CQ'ing. Feel free to contact me... and what a labor of love this will be!


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