Thursday, March 29, 2007

Question on repairing a patchwork quilt..anyone?

Yesterday was rainy most of the day so I stayed inside and really didn't get much accomplished like I had hoped. Again, trying to get in the habit of allowing myself those days to do nothing and not feel bad. It is harder than you think.

A friend who lives down the road stopped by with a quilt one of her daughters had made for her other daughter. She asked if it was salvageable . It is a "pinwheel" pattern and almost every seem was raveled after one gentle wash. Has anyone had that situation? I am thinking of just pinning the two fabrics together on the seam and machine stitch using a zigzag. There is no fabric there to restitch otherwise and this quilt is so special to the sister, I hate to give up. It doesn't matter if I machine stitch she said, just so she can use it again. What do you think? Any suggestions? I really don't think there is another way to do it but I don't have all the answers either. I would appreciate any help is you know a secret fix. TIA


  1. Hi Pat,

    I've never had that happen and my quilts have been washed 100's of times.

    Yes, I think zig zagging the seams will work. You can also use a feather stitch if your machine does that.

    I can't imagine why that would happen unless the seam allowances were less than 1/4 inch.

    Might you be able to post a photo? If I could see it, perhaps I come up with a better solution.

  2. I did have that happen to a ... dare I say it... store bought quilt I have. The seams were obviously about 1/8th inch and too far apart. I zig-zagged all the seams and it looks rather 'rustic', but kind of cool, too. One of these days I'll actually get a quilt made for my own bed. I've made them for almost everyone else! oh... the puppy decided to chew holes in that store-bought quilt, too, so once she's out of that puppy chewing stage I might get my own quilt on it! Not before~
    Also, though.. the fabric looks like it might have been a looser weave and that would have caused it to pull, also.
    Good stitching! Linda


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