Sunday, March 18, 2007

I know, enough is enough,but thank you!!!

I promise I am not bragging, I have just had an overwhelming load of mail with goodies this week. My husband is beginning to wonder what services I provide,LOL. I know you all love stash as much as I do, even just seeing when someone else shares. This is why I am sharing, not to brag in any way. That isn't my intentions or style.

I learned of Tinsel Trading a few years ago and always dreamed of going there one day. Then I heard it was one of Martha Stewart's hang outs and then I knew it had to be an awesome place. Well, a very sweet and hugely generous new friend shops there and yesterday surprised me with not only a stash to die for, but a Tinsel Trading bag. I am still in shock.
I met Terri through blogging. Apparently my words meant a lot to her at a time she needed to know she wasn't alone,and I am so grateful for that. Sometimes when you are blogging you wonder why you feel the need to express yourself, and to whom are you sharing your thoughts with. Many times I felt I should delete, and one time I accidentally deleted an important message,if only to myself. Teri has proven that there is a reason I blog, and I should feel comfortable sharing my feelings along with fun projects and such. Not because I received such a treasure from Terri, but because she received support from my words. It isn't often that we can connect with someone and feel comfortable right from the start, and Terri really opened my eyes to blogging and I hope my thoughts encourage other's in any way they can.
All of you who comment have been support to me. I am not much of a writer but try to make my point as clearly as I can. I love to share in every way.
recently I gave a presentation which I was nervous about for months. I blogged about it months ago and got tremendous response offering helpful tips. By the way, whoever said to drink room temp water just before my speach, thank you. I was smooth!!!!:-) I'm sorry I don't remember who it was, but I think it was a man. My point is, I want to thank each of you for all your helpful and kind email and comments, it means more than you know.


  1. Thanks for putting your heart out there Pat! And by the way ~ I disagree ~ you are a really wonderful writer! :)

  2. P.s. Pat look at my blog entry from Sat.3-17


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