Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birdsong progress Wed

Not much stitching these past few days. I did get my yard cleaned and mowing done and I put the hammock out in the garden and it is all raked and ready to sit back and watch the flowers pop through.
I did outline a hummingbird with Kreinik metallic and started to punch needle the owl. He is looking pretty poorly right now with no eyes and random filling. Soon to be fixed!

I received word DH is on his way home. :-) It seems like it's been weeks with him gone. He will have a surprise when he sees he has no yard work left to do. He can thank my back for that. Tuesday night I slept with a heating pad and bengay. I don't know why I hate the smell of that stuff. Maybe it reminds me of pain???? Anywho, get it? Who? The owl??? Ok, sorry for that. My DH is coming home, I am giddy!

Hopefully I can dig into the CQ and get some seam work done. That is my favorite part. Adding laces is pretty fun too. I have a Vintage pale teal lace with pearls on it. I can't wait to find a spot for that. The ladies at the "House of stitches" in LaPorte gave me several painted peacock and bird charms which will have to go on this CQ. This is their home. I saw a beautiful group of machine embroidered feathers either at Michael's or JoAnn fabrics which I may add a few. I may issue a plea for "Bird related" embellishments in trade for silk ribbon and images by the time this is finished. I have no idea how big it should be yet. Well, until next time!


  1. I really like how this is coming along; it will be a beauty when completed. Also, I'm happy to hear your hubby is on his way home, safe and sound from his trip. I purchased a couple perinneals to plant in our yard and most of our spring cleaning is done! Now for more warm days to sit, stitch, and enjoy it!

  2. I love the Hummer!!! I want to stitch one eventually I have a few patterns already, but just haven't had the right chance to do it!
    I like how you used the metalic thread!

  3. This makes me want to give metalic thread another try! It unwinds and comes apart when I'm stitching but maybe I'm using the wrong needle. These are gorgous!!!

  4. Both birds are neat, but I really like the metallic that you used on the hummingbird. Is he a ruby-throated hb?

    Yay! Enjoy your husband's homecoming! Instead of Bengay, I think Icy Hot smells much better. =)


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