Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tiny CQing

As promised, I wanted to share the tiny crazy quilt projects I have been working on this week. I played around with the solder to make more of a textured look. I think I like it better than trying to smooth the edges.

The sun is shining as if it were July. I just went out to get the mail and it isn't as cold as I had thought. Snow is melting off the house and I can't help but think about Spring .

Seed catalogue's are arriving weekly and browsing the pages are torture. I usually plan "pretend" gardens to pass time. If I were in my 20's I would perhaps extend my garden, but it seems to have become quite a job each year to maintain what I have. Something I enjoy, but a job. Spring brings many wonderful activities that are much anticipated after 5 months of indoor life. Let me share a few........

I can't wait to awake to the birds singing, making a cup of tea and heading for the front porch swing to watch the sun rise. Stopping by to pick up mom and heading to the beach for a sea glass hunt. Mowing the grass and breathing in the fresh sweet scent. Running down to the nursery with mom and choosing some new plants for the porch rail planters. Slathering up with sun lotion,sun glasses, and chewing gum and jumping on the motorcycle with Hubby for a relaxing ride through the country,smelling the lilacs along the way. Perhaps ending up in St. Joe Michigan and running in for some favorite threads in a small art shop then stopping by a deli for supplies to picnic on the swings overlooking Lake Michigan before heading home. My son arriving home for the Summer. My annual trip to Rosemont,Illinois for the Spring Quilt Festival hoping to find something new to play with. Swimming, bike riding,walks through the woods while carefully stepping over thousands of tiny purple woodland flowers. Finding a piece of vintage lace at a tag sale. Vanilla coffee at night on the porch swing. Walking barefoot in the garden first thing in the morning still wet with dew.Riding my bike to the lighthouse and resting while my feet dangle over the pier. Seeing the fern fronds begin to shoot up,the buds swelling on the flowering trees and bushes.The gardener snake returning for another year to attempt his claim over the lavender garden. Stitching,reading,having tea in the garden, and so much more...... Living in Indiana really makes you appreciate the chance to be outside, even if only to mow the grass. I am not complaining. I love white Winter's, gentle snow falls,icicles, riding the ATV's though the snow, cross country skiing, cocoa, stitching without the guilt of yard work, dreaming of Spring.....


  1. Pat, these are all very lovely. I am so looking forward to spring. I am tired of this cold weather.

  2. I love those little things, and I agree that the textured solder is great.

    Ah, spring. It's half-way through February. Shouldn't it be here by now? =)

    I love a flower garden! Of course, I love a vegetable garden and canning, too. I won't be growing any for a while, though!

  3. Our weather should be warming up next week here in Texas. You are reading my mind with all the flower catalogs and garden planning. What a lovely post.

  4. These are just fabulous Pat! :-)

  5. Lovely ladies, all. I like the textured frames as well.

  6. This are so pretty little gifts.So nice made on such a little piece. I like the frames too.

  7. Your mini CQ's are absolutely awesome! You are so talented.


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