Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Taking time for me.....and a road trip to Erica's

I took a day off from stitching,etsy,cleaning,and errands and took a trip to Erica's Sewing Center in South Bend. I found a book I really didn't need, but it had an adorable fairy design so it had to come home with me. I also found the large butterfly Applique which someone had asked where I got the one on my gypsy purse and I couldn't was Erica's! I also found some gorgeous metallic thread to play with in the machine,shell sequins,ONE pkg of beads,and some Dupioni. Then I stopped at Joann Fabrics and found beaded trims half off and brocade on sale. I chose some scrumptious colors to play with. Also a few lace trims and butterfly appliques'. Sometimes you just need to get away.

It is almost Spring here and I am finding it hard to stay indoors. My husband came home early Friday so we went shopping for new exercise equipment . We found a Schwinn bike which has a fan and is so quiet one of us can be riding while the other watches TV. Then we had to order an elliptical machine which will arrive on Friday. We usually buy equipment , use it for a few months, then it becomes something to store away, then off to goodwill. I think (hope) these two items will be used on a regular basis. They are the things we use at the health club, so hopefully we will keep with it. I do two 30 minute rides a day so far, hoping to increase to 2 hour rides until I can get on my real bike and go. The elliptical is my favorite though. I can't wait to grab my iPod and go!!!!!

A friend bought a Bernina Embroidery machine and asked if I could help get it going. Me????? I asked.....I do everything by hand, whee did you get the idea I can operate an embroidery machine??? Well, I guess if I learn it I can use it! I am off to start a new quilt. One of the fabrics I found today is my inspiration. As I was looking at it, a vision came to me. One of those "Aha!" moments as Ellen calls them. Speaking of Ellen, she called and has new work for me to see. It is as exciting as stash shopping just to view her work in person. I always come away with dragonflies fluttering around my head and ready to create. Perhaps Friday I can visit. She lives near the bead shop.....oh darn!


  1. Pat,
    What some wonderful goodies you bought. Those fabrics are like wow!! You will be able to make some beautiful things.

  2. My O My, the next time you go to that fabric shop I will hide me in your bag and pop out in the shop.LOL. What an inspiration with such a beautiful stash :)
    Good luck!
    P.S garden lady 2 is on the go on my blog.

  3. A lovely stash enhancement story, Pat!
    I am wondering how you are going to use that very wide lace. I have some and always find it to be too large in scale to fit in anywhere...
    I esp. like those two little butterflies in the bottom picture...really sweet!

  4. I had the same pink beaded trim in my hand at Joann's yesterday ~ and decided to be a good girl and not get it. I regretted the whole way home! Guess where I'm going tomorrow! HeHe! Terri Takacs

  5. Anonymous10:43 PM CST

    Pat, love the way you shop. Beautiful goodies and I know
    you will make something pretty
    from all of them.
    Glad you took some time for
    love janice

  6. Fabulous fun things you bought! I wish I had known you when I was consulting in South Bend! I had two afternoons, after 4, free for whatever I wanted, and didn't know anyone, so just took drives through the countryside. I headed for Shipshewana, but a circus train held me up a little too long to get there when anything was still open. I had fund watching all the train cars going by, though. =)


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