Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snowing and cold

Well, it is another freezing day here in Indiana. I have sweats on with wool socks and about to make a cup of Echinacea tea. My thoughts are on my son having to walk around campus on these bitter cold days, and my husband having to leave a warm house at 4am each morning. I haven't ventured out in a few days, and I don't plan on it until the temp is above 30'.

It is hard to get motivated to work on anything as I look outside and feel guilty being home while those I love have to experience this extreme weather.

It is snowing the tiniest flakes I have ever seen, which will possibly mean accumulation. I love the large fluffy snowflakes and the ones that seem to fall to earth as balls. Those are fun to drive through, silently hitting the windshield as if you had shaken a snow globe and are caught in the middle. It is a magical experience, almost hypnotizing.
I think I will work on my family CQ today. Once I get a needle threaded, I surely will be interested in doing a bit of stitching. Possibly....hopefully....

It looks like my internet connection problems are behind me. Last week was frustrating, but made me realize that I need to limit myself on the computer. It is too easy to get blog hopping and lose track of time.

I took Sharon's advice and decided to work on stitches as I am able to, and not to rush and make sure I did them the week they were introduced. Taking a challenge is a good thing if you do it for yourself.Thinking about how frantic I was when I missed sharing one stitch, made me see how wrong I had been and that took the fun out of it and turned the challenge into work. Now , I work stitches into my projects which I sometimes share and I am feeling better about it. It is for me now, and that is what it was supposed to be about.Challenging myself.

Making small adjustments this year to better enjoy my hobby is my goal. I am learning as I go. Working out the lumps,moving on and keeping a smile on my face and a light heart. I am hoping to start my felting project inspired by Margo next week. This should be fun. Working in brights will be cheerful and much needed during the hibernation time I must endure.

Home made pizza is on the menu for tonight. The sweet Italian sausage is thawing and the crust is rising. Baking always warms the home in many ways. I think lemon bars would be a nice surprise for DH tonight. Well, I am going to make this a productive day. Off to make that cup of tea....I just wish my son could join me. Stay warm and smile!

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  1. Wow, you dyed a lot of lace early in the morning! It's all beautiful, of course.

    I think having you at home making lemon bars and preparing home made pizza is probably a wonderful reward for those in your family who have to be out in the cold.

    Gives me the shivers to think about having to go out in it! We've had lovely warm sunny days this week, and more are scheduled, so I'm thankful.


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