Sunday, February 11, 2007

Great response to "Childhood memory "entry.

Wow! I was happily surprised to see so many friends/bloggers took my gentle nudge to reveal a bit about their childhood. Any memory at any stage of their life. Perhaps it could be an on going feature in your blog to allow your fellow bloggers to get to know you. As we become adults we tend to hide what made us who we are. It remains buried deep inside only to be revealed by our family and friends who knew us "back then". Why not reveal the real you? Everyone was a child once, and bringing back memories and sharing stories is a very calming and therapeutic experience. I have had horrible experiences also, which I will never share, but I am happy to say the majority of my experiences were delightful .

Several of my friend's on my CQ group are sharing their childhood stories which I am going to print off and bind. I think reading these heartfelt pieces of the past from women who I admire and love will be such a treat to give myself. It is interesting enough to read from friends memories within the US, but it certainly is a learning experience to have those across the pond share their experiences which are sometimes different than what I experience living here,in a small town in Indiana.

Linda S was one of many who shared lovely memories of her childhood on her blog. Thank you Linda, I feel I know you now. Linda even posted a beautiful photo of herself as a girl. I loved your scarf, my mother always wore scarves too. Which brings up even more delightful childhood memories of mine to share at a later date. Stuffing the feed bags for bedding was something my mother in law shared with me also. I really loved reading about you and hope you will continue to tell more stories as they beg to be released from the past.

I know some childhood experiences are meant to be forgotten, but I am sure there are good memories among the bad. I challenge you to post one wonderful memory before your teen years. Once they are released, I bet more will freely flow.

Thank you for all who have emailed with your private memories. I am enjoying this so much. I even had my mom on the phone telling me a few more things I never knew about her.Perhaps because we ventured out last Friday to see the movie "Because I said so" with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. It was so cute and funny. We really enjoyed it. We smuggled in our Crystal Lite!!!


  1. Thank you , Pat. I'm glad you enjoyed my little stories. I certainly enjoyed yours. I think the weekly thing would be fun.

  2. I enjoyed reading your story and, inspired by this entry, have posted one of my own!

  3. I posted a picture of me as a fat ballerina on my blog! LOL

  4. thankyou so much for the impetus to wright about my own chilhood. & go looking for those on others bloggs.


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