Saturday, February 03, 2007

Funny Surprise!!! Margo Duke!!!!!!

Yesterday morning I had to drop off my old computer to be donated, so I figured one good deed deserves another.......I decided to treat myself to something "stashful".Our JoAnn fabrics had a fire last Fall. I have been waiting all Winter for it to reopen, well...yesterday it did! I happened to be the first one who walked into the new store. It was unplanned, but I am glad I went. I found neat purse handles, new Dupioni, trims,etc. I even got to help choose fabric for a stranger's quilt. I felt like I was visiting friend's because I haven't seen the employees for months. We had to catch up on a lot.
While waiting to check out, I browsed the magazines. I spotted Quilting Arts, hesitated to look through it because it just doesn't offer much CQ, and I am not an "Artsy" kind of gal as you know. Well, when I opened it, page 50 was in view. The photo looked so familiar, like something I have seen before. Then I realized it looked exactly like Margo Duke's work. I studied it, and was getting angry because I knew someone was trying to copy her and take credit. My mind was whirling around wondering if she knew, who would do this? This was too precise to be a coincidence,classic Margo. This happens to many talented ladies I know and it disgusts me. I turned the page, and what a relief!!! It was by Margo, and she had a wonderful article on needle felting by machine. A smile came to my face and I knew this was a sign for me to create something with the goodies Margo had recently sent me. This is my challenge for the month of Feb. Margo, I am so glad you wrote your article, this was much needed info. It also made me buy the magazine ;-) By the way, Margo's roving/curls will be available this month from Nancy's Notions!!!!Way to go Margo! My feathers don't usually ruffle so easily.

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