Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold outside!!! Long ramblings...

For the past week Comcast has been working in the area and my service has been on and off constantly. I am trying to write fast before it goes out again. I have been stitching a little bit, not a lot, but wanted to share what I am working on. The pink and lime block is a work in progress. I love the little girl image and had to use her in a cheerful block. I also have a light blue and brown block in progress.

Yesterday my son who attends Purdue University phoned to see if we were up for a visit. It seems he has been overloaded with work since second semester began. He is studying Electronic and Computer Technology Engineering . He loves it, but the professors seem to give work as if he only had one class. I feel so bad for him not getting to have a life. I told him it will not always be that way,to just hang in there. It is his last semester as a Junior, so one more year after this and he can breathe again.

So, I called my husband, he came home and off we went. It has been so cold here, and even colder in West Lafayette, where Purdue is located. We took him out to dinner, then to do some supply shopping. I wanted to clean his apartment so bad!!!! He has three room mates and it is a very nice place, but they are just not into cleaning up. I guess that is usually the case, but it kills me to not tidy up when I see it needing done. Especially for my only child. I did sneak and clean his mirrors,sink and toilet when I pretended to use his restroom. They each have their own private bathrooms, so I wasn't grossed out. It was mainly dusty from the heating system. They all share the kitchen and living room, so I wasn't allowed to touch those areas. Ok, enough about that.

We had a nice visit, I am glad he called. Actually he called to see if I needed help installing "Vista", but I had not received it yet. It seems Dell has been swamped with email and calls about the Vista updates which were purchased with new computers. Duh! Couldn't they figure that out by the number of systems they sold?????? Anyway, I have to wait until everyone and their uncle is taken care of I guess. They wouldn't help me on the phone, and closed down the website. Does that make sense? I ignore it and it will go away?????? SO, other than my son needing a break,the weather being nose freezing old, Comcast playing games, and Dell ignoring me, all is well :-). Yesterday I received some gorgeous hand made lace pieces from my friend Ati in Norway (the one who made the SRE Campanula) Her mother and grandmother made them. I already know what I am going to do with one of them. Thank you Ati!!!!

Super bowl is tomorrow, I have DH's favorite Gino's East pizza bought,his beer is chilling, and I have two CQ blocks to work on in between trying to understand football.
I will forget I even have a computer for a day at least. I may even have a glass of wine instead of tea. It seems to warm me up faster ;-0

I hope everyone who is experiencing this North Pole Ice blast stays warm. Oh how I miss our fireplace....


  1. Dear Pat,
    I just loooove the pink and green block! I especially love the fact that I can click on it and it fills my whole computer screen! These eyes of mine aren't getting any younger and I really like seeing the close-ups. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Both of the blocks are beautiful. The pink and green is lovely and soft, but there's something about the other one that I just love - not sure what.

    If I were a PC owner, I'd wait a while before installing Vista. There are always little glitches that have to be fixed in the first 6-12 months. If what you have is working, let it keep working until those glitches are patched up. =)

    Enjoy the super bowl! Did you hear that an orangutan picked the Seahawks to win?

  3. Thank you Lin and Susan for your nice comments.

    Susan, the upgrade came with my new laptop my DH bought me for Christmas, and I only have until the end of the month to accept the already paid for Vista or I lose it. :-( My son has the beta version from college and said it is so much nicer. He said it would be easier for me and more convenient the way you can have all folders open on the desktop. He knows his stuff, so I am putting my faith in him.


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