Friday, January 12, 2007

The WINTER family getting in on fresh "powder".
The above link will take you to an interview my brother-in-law Joe and his son Wesley, (not Lesley)while they went on a short ski trip last night. My sis-in-law Nicole just emailed it to me. Here in IN we have rain!!!!!!!!!!!!Go figure!


  1. That's great! It looks pretty cold and wet-snowy, though! Do you ski?

  2. I cross country ski,(when there is snow), not downhill anymore. We have nice trails here in the Dunes which they open during Winter for skiing. I usually ski the fields or the perimeter of my yard when I can. This year we haven't had snow but once I think, and it was gone in a day. Our Spring will certainly be green though with all of this rain.


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