Sunday, January 07, 2007

Much needed dye day

This morning I decided I needed to play with color. Yesterday I took my tree down,rearranged the front room,cleaned my studio which was a mess because I moved my desk into DH's office and took his smaller one( because I got a laptop for Christmas and didn't need the desk space for a PC anymore) which left me with a laundry basket and two bags full of junk from the two drawers. I was amazed at the amount of things you can stuff into desk drawers. Frightening!
So, I spent yesterday doing the" necessities" so I could get some stitching time in last night. This morning I decided I must dye! These are some items, silk and silk ribbon with a few skeins of DMC floss. Just thought I'd share a little color today! Now back to stitching!


  1. They look so pretty when grouped that way by colors! What a great morning!

  2. Beautiful, soft, and smell good too -- I know from experience!!

  3. What a good morning and lovely outcome! It is amazing what you can accomplish as soon as you get started (I know from experience too) Not dying, but the rest.....


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