Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm on a roll........more goodies

I have to share these wonderful bits from Flights of Fancy Boutique. I have to say, if I ever need inspiration for a project, all I have to do is open the drawer where these babies live and that would do it. There is a little hidden away shop in MI that I found last year with my mom. I think I had mentioned it before. They carry trims that are close to these, but not the same. I have found a few at Vogue fabrics in IL also. These are very unusual though. The color combinations and design is much different and fun than the more formal beaded trims. It's funny how you know exactly where a certain trim will go when you see it. There is one that screams,"SEA", another,"Southwest",and yet another, "Romantic Vintage". I wanted to share my opinion of these so you could browse the glorious selections and see for yourself. It is always nice to get a review from a friend who wouldn't steer you wrong. I know I appreciate it.

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  1. Oh, they do have fun things! Thanks for the link. I had to say no to myself a lot of times!


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