Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Goodies to share

This crocheted "Pineapple" is from my dear friend Vanessa. I do not crochet,tat,and barely knit, so a gift like this is so wonderful to receive. This is only one of several she sneaks in the mail for me. I never know when they are coming, and each one is such a pleasant surprise.It is my challenge for myself to use this in an imaginative way. No time limit, just when the idea pops in my head.

I pinned it on my bulletin board, where I will post all of my notes ,right in front of my desk so I will not over extend myself this year.

My number one problem is that I get excited when there is something I want to join never thinking that extra time does not come with that challenge, then I commit and boom! Bad feelings, bad creative energy,bad results.

So, I would suggest to those who have this same handicap, to get a Boone board and thumb tacks and do the same. I think I will be much happier in doing so.
Vanessa, Thank you for all the wonderful crochet pieces you send me. I appreciate your time,talent,and generosity very much. :-)

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  1. Oh, time. Yes, overcommitting is so easy. It all sounds like such fun, and then there you are, and it's no fun any more. I'm hoping I haven't done that yet. =)

    I love this pineapple. I will have to look around for a pattern for just one motif like that. I *do* crochet pretty well, but don't talk to me about knitting needles. =) Vanessa is a very good friend!


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