Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fast fingers and SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I spent some time on my blog venting my feelings and thoughts about changes I need to make and will make this year. With a click of my mouse they were gone. I was waiting for an important phone call and tried to rush to get something added, then in a moment, I had learned another lesson. DO NOT RUSH!!!!

The call never came through, my post was gone, and I went to sleep feeling better just to get it written and off my mind. However, the few minutes it was "out there",a few dear friend's had a chance to read it before it disappeared, and I am happy for that. They are of course the one's who "get" me and know exactly where I was coming from. They too have felt the same way at one time. So, if you see me referring to myself as "Princess Pat", don't worry, I haven't taken a tip off the edge.
Now, it is SNOWING!!!!!! Yes, beautiful huge flakes falling everywhere. I rarely say this, but I sure missed the snow this year. It only snowed once perhaps twice, but didn't stay. I woke to a beautiful blanket of snow on every limb. It jazzed me up so I started in with deciding what would be good for dinner. Well, that was easy, snow,cold,hungry man......Beef Stew! That is on simmering, and I have Hawaiian bread in the bread machine and the house smells heavenly. I threw in a pan of brownies...yes, I will have one tonight....then I put chocolate icing on them, something I rarely do. Last load of laundry is in the dryer, I mailed my letters, and now it is ME time. I took some pictures of goodies I recently received and will share them in the next post. One moment.......

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  1. I don't know what changes you have planned, but you are an intelligent woman with talent and knowledge to spare, so I'm sure you will make good choices.

    Stew and fresh Hawaiian bread sound great, but you can keep the snow. =)


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