Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beautiful Snow

Here you can see the "bones" of the garden. It sure is quiet out there. I was going to ski, but John stored our skis and I have to wait until he gets home. Perhaps tomorrow if it doesn't melt tonight. I did take a walk down the road and enjoyed the peace and took in the beauty of a new snowfall. Still undisturbed, but not for long.

The Cardinals and finch are sure getting their share of food from all the feeder's in the neighborhood. I love to see a Cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch. It is such a contrast and so striking. Always makes me smile to see beauty in nature.
I will pull on my boots and venture out to get the mail, then I think it is time to stitch for a bit. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM CST

    these pic are so pretty. stay warm
    janice t.

  2. I'm not a snow fan, but these are very beautiful pictures. You used your camera well.


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