Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beaded Herringbone

With this being my first week with only one extra guy in the house all day, I am happy I did get to play around with the Herringbone stitch a little. Things should be different next week......I'll be all alone :-(

So.....for this stitch I played with the beaded Herringbone then added a lazy daisy in metallic thread and topped it with a tri-bead which sure gives a great sparkle. This photo shows half of the seam, then there is a velvet flower, and the seam continues. So this is about half of the stitching. I hope to play more with this stitch, but not today. The first week of the year is so much busier than I remember it being.I guess that is good for gloomy days. I hope you are all having fun experimenting.


  1. I never even thought of doing it beaded like this. It looks great! I love the metallic thread detail, too.

  2. Your herringbone stitch is great. I like the pieces in the earlier post also.


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