Thursday, January 18, 2007

Basic stitches are ok too.

The other day a friend asked about using basic stitches in her CQ. She was afraid to use basic stitches only in her work which she was comfortable with. I told her I mainly use the basics, and there are no rules , or at least none that I follow ;-)

The thing is, it is fun to play around with the stitches adding various stitches to one seam, or adding beads, ribbons, etc to see what you can come up with. I told her to check out Sharon's TAST to get an idea of other's experiments. I think she figured if she uses basic stitches her work will look blah. Not so. I have used these pictures of my older work which are all basic stitches to prove my point. So, Cindy, if you are out there, go for it girl! No rules!!!!!!!!!!!! Play if you want, you may like it.


  1. Pat,
    Gorgeous pastel blocks! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Such beautiful blocks! Is it going to be a quilt when done? That will be just gorgeous!
    I love all your ideas with your stitches:) Thanks for sharing

  3. Gorgeous blocks. I agree, no rules! Do what you like to do. When a person is ready to branch out, they will, but it's beautiful, either way.

    I really love the fan block!


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