Sunday, December 24, 2006

A wonderful gift from Vanessa

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through my home
I started to panic
I began to moan.

Now why didn't I hurry
I wouldn't be in such a state
I thought I could make it
didn't think I'd be late.

I'm stitching and stitching
my fingers are sore,
don't think I can go on
but really I have more.

I made everyone stockings
in the CQ pattern you know,
as the wind is blowing
and it's beginning to snow

My design was quite lovely
with colors of the season
I thought I'd be finished
but then came the reason.

I ran out of red thread
so I went into town,
but the store was closed
and none could be found.

I thought and thought
oh what shall I do
I e-mailed my friend Pat Winter
to cry boo hoo.

She said don't worry my dear
I know what to do,
I have red thread
so I'll bring some to you

I said, oh thank you dear Pat
but how will that be
the wind is howling
and it's snowed you see.

She said, don't worry
and please don't cry,
I'll jump on my sleigh
and glide though the sky.

Then suddenly I listened
there came a great clatter,
I jumped from my chair
to see what was the matter.

I looked to the sky
and what should appear
but a big purple sleigh
and four little deer.

I looked a bit closer
and what did I see
it was my friend Pat Winter
bringing red thread to me.

She yelled as she flew
over houses tops galore,
this better be right
I don't have any more.

She was trying to land
somewhere out in my yard,
but hit the fence
and really hit hard.

I helped her up
and we went inside,
she said, I thought this would be easy
the sleigh is suppose to glide.

We went in to set
by the fire so warm,
and calmed her down
with a quilt and some rum

How are you doing
she said with a smile,
I'll help you finish
we'll be done in a while.

Pat removed from her CQ bag
the thread she had brought
and helped me sew stockings
without even a thought.

The stockings were finished
and we danced with such glee,
they were even more beautiful
than I thought they would be.

Then we went back out
and she got in her sleigh
called out to the reindeer
and was on her way.

Away she flew
and was soon out of sight,
then suddenly she yelled
it's been one heck of a night.

Now don't do as I did
and ponder and wait,
to finish your projects
or you'll miss the date.

Don't worry or fear
if this happens to you
just call on dear Pat
and she'll bring some to you.

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Hall
I checked my email tonight only to find this wonderful surprise by my dear stitching friend Vanessa. This is so sweet and a cute poem. I love it Vanessa. It brought a tear to my eye for some reason. I printed it out to share with friends and family over the Holiday. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a warm tingle in my heart.


  1. I love your little silky girl! Vanessa did such a great job on this poem!

  2. Hi , I read the poem yesterday on the COH group. It is so nice and funny now I have read it for the second time. She is a very nice lady, Vanessa.
    Love the postcard with the skate on it.

  3. That is wonderful. What more could someone want than talented friends!


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