Saturday, December 30, 2006

Take A Stitch Tuesday...getting ready

Have you heard? Sharon Boggon is challenging us with" Take a stitch Tuesday". She will be presenting a stitch and experimenting with it, and wants us to do the same.

I followed Allie's plan to keep a stitch journal for reference. I went out and bought a pretty sage green binder, page sleeves,photo paper, and some pocket dividers to hopefully organize what promises to be a wonderful learning venture throughout the year. I plan on printing variations from fellow stitcher's to keep in my binder as well as my own, and of course Sharon's.

Now I am off to design a simple front cover for my binder. One that will keep my interest to continue this journey. If you need a little shove to produce a variety of stitches, like myself, you can join on Sharon's site.

1 comment:

  1. Love that shade of green for the binder. Are you making a CQ cover for it? Something with the sample stitches on it? Looks like you are ready for Tuesday!


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