Thursday, December 28, 2006

My last Traditional quilt to date

This was my last "Traditional" quilt I made. It is an English paper pieced quilt. I made this one for myself. I use it on the front porch swing during cold mornings and evenings as I stitch and wave at neighbors passing by.

I'm sure I will be making more Traditional quilts, but I have not gotten my fill of playing with embellishments just yet!


  1. This is a lovely quilt Pat. Perhaps you are more in to CQ as I am to traditional quilting. But I think it is fun to play with all the embellishment and will soon find my Cq blocks and play with them again. I got a lot of embellishment in my christmasgifts and looking forward to use some of it. I have to finish my angel block soon. I wish you a happy new sewing year.

  2. Pat, Both your quilts shown are just lovely! But, I truly see a much more creative you with your embellishing!! You really shine in that department. Have a great New Year creating! I'll be looking forward to learning and seeing all your lovely work.

  3. Pat, you are the only person, besides me and the antique quilt I saw it on, that I've seen use the star points setting. This is a beautiful quilt!

  4. I wondered if that new Handi-Quilter of yours will inspire you to make more traditional quilts...
    Of course you would have made a variation on Grandmother's flower Garden...makes perfect sense!
    That's a beautiful lamp, too...

  5. This is a lovely quilt, Pat. Makes me consider doing some traditional quilts again.

  6. This is so nice and cosy. The old patterns do not loose their charm.
    I have one halfdone in many colors as a scrapquilt. It has to wait a little longer before get finished, CQ came in the way. LOL


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