Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first quilt

I thought I would share my first quilt with you. It is a sampler quilt which I hand pieced. I traced and cut every piece . I made 12 "Traditional " quilts before I decided crazy quilting is so much more fun. This quilt was made for my son who is sitting in the photo which was taken at our first home.


  1. Also a pretty quilt. Did I see some of that color in the GFG above? I like it - an even dozen quilts! =)

    How old is your son now, again?

  2. hah, I did a sampler quilt also for 18 years ago as my first bedsize quilt. All hand made and quilted. I didn't give it away as so many others. It still hangs behind my back in my sewingroom.


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