Saturday, December 16, 2006

Losing interest in Blog

Every time I try to log on to my blog it refuses my password. I have to enter it six or more times. This has not been a good month for me and Blogger beta. If I wouldn't miss you all, I would throw in the towel.

So, enough complaining. I have been dyeing,transferring and putting together Bliss kits while waiting for my son to arrive home for the Holidays. He is expected home today. His room is all redecorated, I put a few of his favorite things (Trinidads from Fannie May,cinnamon candy,etc) here and there and bought him a new feather pillow. He is home for three or four weeks . This will be his last semester of his Junior year. Time sure has passed quickly.

Just to prove to those who do not believe me when I say my studio gets messy, here is a picture of it in it's current condition. What you don't see is the pile of ribbons in the floor that need ironing.
Today I had a wonderful surprise. My best friend from elementary school who moved to Texas 23 years ago sent me a Christmas card and included her email addy. We "chatted" a bit and it was so good to hear what she had ben up to. Years ago I made her a traditional fan quilt for her bedroom. Perhaps she needs something CQ?
I have missed blogging, but with blogger not cooperating and just being so busy with Holiday activities, it has been difficult to even get on to read my favorite blogs. I hope to catch up next week.
I guess I will see you next time......if blogger allows me to. Happy Holidays everyone, just in case something keeps me from posting.


  1. Thanks for trying, Pat!
    Your studio looks so inviting, messy or not. Watcha playing on that boombox? ;-)

  2. You are not alone! I've been having problems with Beta Blogger too!

    Love your studio - who says it's messy? Looks lake a real lived in studio to me.

  3. Thanks Allison an Teresab. I just got everything put away. I'm still waiting for my son to arrive. I may go take a buble bath with a cup of tea and the new Quilting Arts magazine. Hopefully he will be hom before I fall asleep. Oh yes, I have been playing my dads Christmas CD's on my "boom box" today. Bittersweet songs....Bing Crosby was one of his favorites.

  4. oh dear, I should have proofed my comment before pushing the button...sorry about the spelling. I must be tired huh? Goodnight ladies.

  5. Hum...a mess you say? Good to see an update from you. I know what you mean about the beta. I'm not so impressed with it either. I just tried to comment on another blog, and it WILL NOT accept my 'account name.' Oh, well - later. Have fun with your son. Mine ws here for the weekend to celebrate my bd. A dear he is! Now, let's see if I can do this.

  6. Don't leave us Pat! We would miss you too. Your studio does NOT look messy at all, it looks busy and productive.

  7. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble! I miss reading what you are doing. A workroom, btw, *ought* to be a little messy!

    Before throwing in the towel, why not try livejournal, wordpress or one of the others? I certainly love being blogger-free. =)

  8. Pat, Not sure if it matters if you are on dial-up or broadband but whenever you have a problem uploading or downloading onto the internet, one must REBOOT their computer and start over. I find this also to be true when dealing with blogspot. If you were to stop your blog, there would be a lot of sad people all over the world including me.

  9. Yes Pat, I would miss you too. I have trouble posting comments on Beta Blogger so I don't know if this one will go through or not. Based on what I see everywhere, I will not be switching to the beta version.

  10. I hope you will stay Pat.we all like to see what you are doing.
    I like your messy studio, I am happy you don't see mine now and than ;-))


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