Sunday, December 31, 2006

Challenge for you!!

I have a challenge for those who do silk ribbon embroidery. I would like to see these Campanula's worked in silk ribbon embroidery. These are flowers in my garden. I renamed them" fairy dresses".

WHAT: The challenge is up a single flower or a bouquet of these flowers in this color, or close to it. Let's say a light pink. Take a good look at the detail, because these are speckled like the throat of a foxglove. The speckles are a wine color.

WHO: All I want is a photo, not the original work, so no mailing is involved which allows everyone to take the challenge without overseas postage costs.

WHEN: You have until Feb 1st.
In Feb. I will post all of the challenger's work and choose the most realistic Campanula. You can use silk ribbon for the main flower form, but for detail you can use thread or beads. No Stump work or embroidery please. The winner gets a stash packet full of goodies to play with.

WHY: I would like a pattern for this flower to use in my work. It looks so simple, but I cannot seem to get it to look like a dangling bell flower.

So.....are you up for this challenge?


  1. That's very like an applique flower I used to do a lot. If I have a chance (we'll be doing some travelling, so I am not sure), I will play with the idea. How big or small do you want them to be?

  2. I will try. have some lovely pink ribbon from you....

  3. I wanted it to be around 1/2" to 1" per blossom. Just a good size to work with in different projects.


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