Thursday, November 30, 2006

Turning a CQ block into a purse

What do you do with a CQ block that has no home? You turn it into a purse! I made this CQ block for a "Block of issue" for CQMagonline. I wanted to make something different so I chose to use metallic accented cottons in an oriental theme. I really love how this block turned out but I have no place for it in my home, so....I put it on Etsy..many views, no takers. Now it will become a purse. It is a great size for a purse, so be it. I decided I didn't want to make cloth handles,and I only have small bamboo handles which would look silly. However because of the embellishing, I cannot cut down the size of this block which lead me to take apart a pre-made purse handle and make my own fabric "beads" using the fabrics I had used in the block.

With the help of stir straws and glue, the "beads" bring the whole project together. (My husband looked at me a little strange as I wrapped bits of cloth around the straws though). Ta-da! It worked. Now to construct the purse......tune in next time for results......

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  1. Your purses just keep getting more and more wonderful!
    The handles were a stroke of genius...I've never made a beaded handle; I'm assuming it requires wire and crimpers, etc.?
    You. Are. Amazing.


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