Friday, November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving letter from Elementary school

I opened an old cigar box this morning while trying to find a box to mail things in, and I found this letter I had written in second grade. I am glad I stayed in school! I had to share, it is so funny to know after all these years, I still repeat, "I before E, except after C....... You can see why. Did you know West Virginia was spelled "Westveginya" back then? Too funny. Wait till I show my DH and son....on second thought, maybe not.


  1. Oh, Pat, how cute that is...I found a letter my daughter had written about me for something in school...maybe one day I'll share that on my blog...

    Hope that the voting is going well for your quilt...everyone in my family (5 votes) voted for you

  2. It's nice to come across something from the past, even if it's our own.
    That's lovely Pat, and like you I still say..'i before e except after c'...

  3. What a wonderful treasure you have found! Thank you for sharing that with us. By the way, I have to join in the fray with the "i" before "e", except after "c"


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