Friday, November 24, 2006

Teacup find and blah blah blah...

When I was a little girl my mom would always make a cup of tea for me when I was cold or came in from playing in the snow. That has to be where my love of tea and tea things originated. I love visiting tea shops and always hit the "tea item" area in any shop I find. Tea cups have always been an item I just had to buy. There are so many beautiful ones out there. I used to find them at tag sales for a quarter, now they are scarce, which is why I am pleased to share my find with you. There is a wonderful restaurant named "Skip's Other Place" in Michigan, not far from the border which we frequent when my husband gets in the mood for prime rib. Our recent visit was perfect as usual. Great food, nice atmosphere, out of town, and a nice drive to get there. Upon our arrival I noticed they now offer antiques. They set up a few rooms with a variety of items for guests to purchase. After our meal, while my husband was waiting for the check, I wandered off for a browse. I was so happy to find this tea cup, and snatched it up for my mother's birthday soon approaching. I have bought her many tea cups through the years, but never one that said "Mother". This floral tea cup will be her favorite I know. It is so pretty and delicate. Although it is old, there isn't one stain,crack, or chip. I just had to share my find with you. The tea lover's will understand why.

I plan on putting together a tea basket filled with her favorite things such as, Claire Burke vapourri,a small framed photo of us from a day at "our" beach, green tea with mango, ginger snaps, raspberry chocolate, chocolate covered orange peel,an old lace doiley,decorated sugar cubes, honey sticks, and a rum cake. I will position the tea cup wrapped in a lace edge hankie and tied with silk ribbon, in the center. I think she will enjoy this gift more than a store bought item. That is one great thing mom has passed on to me, we are easy to please. We enjoy simple things, hand made things, things that were chosen just for us, from the heart. Perhaps this is why I love second hand items. They have history,they were loved and passed on to the next lucky person to experience. Anyone can buy new, but to be fortunate to receive an antique, or used item is the berries! I once found a Capodimonte lamp in an alley in Chicago, and it worked!It has two cherubs on it and is in pale green and pinks. It has never left my sitting room. What a thrill that was.

This year on my birthday a friend gave me two gifts, one was a gorgeous hand made necklace, the other was a shoebox of "used items" from a tag sale when she was out of town visiting relatives during the summer. Those gifts meant more to me than if she would have bought me a new car. The used items were a box of old beads, sequins,trims, etc that were cast-offs from some crafter. These are treasures to me. I have already used some of the pearls and beads in a project. To know that she knew what would please me was so special, and she wasn't afraid to present me with a box of "found things" shows that she really knows me, and that is a super great feeling.


  1. This is really lovely, and your mum will be so excited. I have quite a few vintage pieces that I have collected over the years. We have a multitude of antique stores in the area, and a large selection of lovely tea cups and tea pots.

    Another passion is the cut to clear ruby flashed glass, and whenever I see a piece at the antique store, it somehow just "hops" into my hands.

  2. What a lovely post. I know your mom will enjoy the cup. My MIL had a huge collection, partly hers and partly a SIL who died and she was given her collection, too. I couldn't see saving them, with our current lifestyle, so I passed them along to a friend. If only I'd known you 4 years ago when Marion died! You could have had your pick of some lovely cups. And saucers to match them.

    Well, no matter. You found a terrific one this time. I can't believe the lamp find in the alley!

    I love haunting antique stores, 2nd hand stores, thrift stores, any variety of those things. We've become such a throw-away culture, and there are so many wonderful things in out-of-the-way places.

  3. What a lovely post. Is it true that most crafters value the memories in 'used' things? When you hold a precious one, like your tea cup, you can almost feel the warmth and appreciation of the previous owner because you care for 'their' item.

  4. Pat, check your profile,
    I blogged that beta made me 250yrs old...they have done the same with you!....

  5. This is really lovely, and your mum will be so excited with your gift.
    Like JK, I too love the clear ruby flashed glass.
    I've been buying Englsh crinoline ladies serving plates and cake plates..


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