Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sharing Vogue fabric goodies

Upon request, I am sharing my stash from my trip to Vogue fabrics this week.I bought two or three repeats, but they are so beautiful I had to. I didn't go crazy , and tried to include a few colors I don't usually buy, like the orange Dupioni and satin. The violet burnout velvet is begging to be used!
I forgot to mention the trims......oooh la la!


  1. Oh, My, Pat, what a beautiful fabric !!
    And the ribbons you dyed, the are to die for.
    I think I have to order some, send you a mail...

  2. That would certainly be one explanation for why you are itchin' to stitch! =) I love that blue lace. I have no clue what one would do with it, how to embellish it. I just love it. =)


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