Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playing with cheesecloth

I made up some hand dyed silk chiffon and cheesecloth packets for my Etsy shop, for fiber artists and whoever wants to dabble in soft filmy fabrics in dusty colors. I will be writing a tutorial on working with both fabrics because I have been asked many times what to do with it. This small wall hanging titled,"Goddess of Dragonflies" was in a display for Lost Arts Stitchery shop in Michigan, which unfortunately has closed. No, not because of my wall hanging ;-0
I hope the tutorial may invite others to play with different filmy fabrics intheir work. I am no expert,I didn't take any classes, but if someone is willing to ask my method, I am certainly willing to share. It may not be the method of others, it is just my own. So, that will be coming hopefully this week. For those who asked, this is my example.


  1. I am very much looking forward to reading it, based on this beautiful sample. Thanks, Pat!

  2. This is absolutely lovely, and it *almost* tempts me to try it. I'm trying to be strong, since I already am behind. =)


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