Saturday, November 18, 2006

New purse project

I have also been working on a new purse. A different design than my norm. Still CQ though, and yes, purple. It isn't for myself, but the purple jumped out of the fabric drawers and landed at me feet. Had to use it. Actually I really wanted to use the purple rose appliques' I purchased at a neat old fabric shop in Michigan this past Summer. They were too expensive to buy a lot, and they sell them by the applique, not by the yard. That is always a bad sign :-(. Anyway, I had to get a few to play with. You can't see it but they are padded in the center and open. Very pretty, and a soft grape color. My poor attempt at the violets are shameful. Hopefully when I add leaves and other elements they will be fine. While browsing the bead shop I found a new color of vintage pastilles, and pretty pink, so on they went. I hope to finish this purse this week if all goes well. Will keep you posted.


  1. Oh, and here I was thinking the violets were quite nice. Shows what I know. =)

    I love the variety of things on this block. Purse. I love purple, too. =)

    Does that lace on the right have tiny purple delicas?

  2. pat winter8:29 AM CST

    Thanks Susan! Yes, the lace has delicas, good eye there!

  3. Can I ask where in Michigan you found the rose appliques. I live in Michigan and would love to visit the store.


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